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CxO Dashboard has been built on the concept of Balanced Scorecard and gives an insight into financial and customer perspective, internal process and learning & development. It Enhances C-Level executives, perspective by providing drill down capabilities in to key metrics and can be customized for a specific Industry vertical and Organization needs. This Application provides right degree of authorization, so that the data is delivered to the right audiences.

The CxO dashboard will enable C-level executives to view their organizations metrics over mobility devices & a one glance view of the top customers / products / geographies of the company. These metrics will be uploaded in the system and displayed to the authorized users. The dashboard will focus on Daily Metrics for the user to view over different time spans. The metric will be lead indicators and will help the C-level executive to assess the current business position. Dashboard provides a quick view of identified KPI’s and other critical information to enable informed decision-making. It also allows you to have better business control and manoeuvring as you have access to the right kind of metrics and views at your fingertips by providing following information in dashboards:
  • CXO Dashboard application is developed basis Windows OS v8.1 framework.
  • Internet connectivity is required for the real time data in the application.
  • When in offline mode, data will be synchronised when internet connectivity is established.

CxO Dashboard - The app developed for Win 8.1 platform has the following key features:

  • Enhances CxO’s perspective by providing drill down capabilities in to key metrics.
  • The metrics projected are generic metrics which can be customized for a specific industry vertical and organization needs.
  • The hub page gives quick information from a company point of view.
  • CxO’s can share the dashboard via emails.
  • For quick access more important dashboard views can be pinned on the screen.
  • Empowers with functionality such as export and print options.
  • Provides the right degree of authorization so that the data is delivered to the right audience.
  • Provides data for multiple years so that comparative analysis can be derived. Specific inferences can be arrived by filtering for a specific record set.

Following features are unique to the Windows 8.1 app. These do not exist on any other version of our app on Android/iOS :

  • Offline and Online Capabilities.
  • Share via email and to other social media platform.
  • Live Tiles (with carious Tile Sizes (Small, Media, Large and Wide).
  • Sync option (Real Time Data : Zero Latency).
  • Snap View.


App Screens:-

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