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SharePoint Up-gradation/Migration

SharePoint which is now an important part of your enterprise collaboration & communication platform and if you are planning to up-grade to the newer version of SharePoint 2013 (on-premise or online), and wanted expert assistance on migration roadmap addressing - migration approach, content migration, security, governance, information architecture, integration endpoints and others. Axisvation Migration Team has built a Migration Factory Model to manage and address these challenges.

SharePoint with each new releases introduces many new features and enhancements, therefore, technical mapping of old (custom) feature to new (OOB) Out-of-Box is a critical part of migration and not just site and content moving from one version to another. Organisations considering the move to new release of SharePoint 2013, sooner or later, have to leverage some of these new capabilities of new version.

Any product upgrade or migration to new version, is a big challenge for any enterprise and every IT team has to prepare for the following:

  1. Infrastructure planning and cost-benefit-analysis (must for on-line migration)
  2. Migration Approach - Manual, System (DB Attach) and Tool Based
  3. How to address customisation and User Experience (Branding)
  4. Test critical business scenarios and integration with other LOB Apps
  5. Setting up a Governance model
  6. Execution Approach - Big Bang or group wise
  7. Roll back plan
  8. Training plan with awareness about new features and adoption
  9. Post Migration Support and helpdesk

In short, upgrade to SharePoint 2013, is not just a single product migration, its Environment upgrade throughout the enterprise from desktop's OS to web browsers i.e. OS (Windows 2012), Database (SQL 2012), Emails / Exchange (Office 2013), Browsers (IE 10) and so on.

Axisvation has expertise from initial Assessment to Post Migration support work. Our team has in-depth experience in SharePoint (2003 to 2007 to 2010 to 2013) upgrade and migration projects with fortune 500 clients across the globe and also first-hand experience with 3rd party Migration tools available in the market place. This experience has helped us to craft and design Migration Factory Framework Model.

Axisvation's Migration Factory Framework model will help your SharePoint Migration projects as follows:

  • Leveraging the true power and potential of new SharePoint platform & features
  • Extending and mapping new features to solve business problems
  • Retro-fit enterprise governance and information architecture to new model
  • Synchronised Project plan with SharePoint administrators, business and end-users for successful rollout and to realise SharePoint capabilities
  • Managing and uniformity of customised web-parts / components
  • Plan for end-user training and usage of new features for business scenarios
  • Help you to align TCO and ROI (if defined in the past) with your IT budget and PLM.

Axisvation SharePoint Migration Service Offering:

  • Migration to newer SharePoint version - Readiness Assessment
  • SharePoint Farm/Application Assessment from Migration perspective
  • Migration approach selection & conduct PoCs for selecting best Migration tool
  • SharePoint Up-gradation/Migration
  • Post Migration Maintenance and Support.